Anubis yiffing wolf
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(Fursuit, Unknown Authors) - Anubis yiffing wolf


chanku commented 4 weeks ago
im new to this world and im very curious. So curious now im willing to find out for my self. i don’t want to watch any more. I want to know anyone want to show me.
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kilo commented 4 weeks ago
are you gay bi. male or female
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mytre commented 2 years ago
can he do me?
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hardbun commented 4 weeks ago
so sexy...
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Keltic Moon Wolf commented 8 months ago
I’m new as well I haven’t been able to purchase a suit et but I have my Fursona its obvious Really Keltic I’m a 23 year old male Bisexual No anal has ben done to me though but I’m definetly willing totry and the video is extremely arousing by the way ^_^
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mytre commented 3 years ago
full blown gay
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WuvwyKitty commented 8 months ago
Im bi and 18 and i really would like to meet someone to help me try out this new yiffing stuff :) i can be top or bot but... i dont have a fursuit
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Linkalegend commented 8 months ago
where can i buy a fursuit? i would LOVE to do this. just watching turned me on so much....
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Kinky_Bi_Dragon commented 4 weeks ago
I’m 40 Bi male top.I also am new (sorta) & don’t have a fursuit yet but would LOVE to get with anyone m (straight,bi or gay), f (straight
bi or gay), shemale or herm.
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zergzergling commented 2 years ago
Im still new to this as well 19 years old bi.I would love to be someones bottom.I do not own a fursuit.
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Wakka_Seta commented 2 years ago
I know how you feel chanku, same here.
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Negawolf commented 2 years ago
I love it how he slaps the wolf’s butt, that got me the moment he started doing it
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Graypaws commented 2 years ago
i will yiff them both till the cows come home
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wolfes33 commented 1 year ago
Nice video haven’t talk to you for a couple of years
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