Rudolf the Cum-Stained Reindeer
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Rudolf gets it good!


hornypenguin83 commented 2 years ago
very good video do you have any penguins of so can you post them on here so I can see them being fucked
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WickedChild commented 2 years ago
Ja, Ja baby! <3

I found someone that makes some, I’ll put this one in the request jar.
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hornypenguin83 commented 2 years ago
that penguin video is mine
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steven commented 2 years ago
so i assume he has an ass fleshlight a vagina fleshlight and a mouth fleshlight for the head piece as well as the ass and vagina? and you just sew those toys in there? is that it?
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WickedChild commented 2 years ago
Generally, it’s easier to do it that way.
To make an SPH, you need some soft materials, a little bit of sewing skills and some other stuff.
Here, check this out:

A great guide for youuu!
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joveanater commented 2 years ago
Man this makes me hard.have any more with rudoulf
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bobbie2b commented 2 months ago
new to this and finding it/you so hot
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